1. Study of piling resistance of eri silk knits
  2. Investigation on causes for poor dimensional stability of tasar fabrics and remedial measures 
  3. Development of low cost eight end multiend reeling machine for production of superior quality tasar and muga silk yarn
  4. Fabrication of suitable sizing machine for tasar silk
  5. Development of technology package for proper handling and processing pupae by-product for effective utilization
  6. Modifications in the existing reeling and spinning machines for commercial utilization in tasar sector
  7. Studies on tasar cocoon cooking methods and development of cooking device
  8. Study of comfort properties of silk woven fabrics and modification of the same with plasma treatment
  9. Development of energy efficient re-reeling machine to reduce fuel consumption in a multiend silk reeling unit
  10. Studies on comfort properties of Eri silk wool blended fabric for winter wear applications
  11. Fine tuning of cocoon quality index (CQI) for unfavourable season
  12. Development of automatic conveyor cocoon drying machine
  13. Finance to the mulberry silk reeling sector – A study on flow, needs, gaps and way forward
  14. Design and development of automatic silk reeling machine for Indian filatures for production of International / superior grade raw silk from multi-bivoltine and bivoltine hybrid cocoons
  15. Studies on the Abrasion Resistance of Silk Upholstery Fabrics
  16. Design and development of silk based composite biomaterials for wound dressing applications
  17. Study of evaluation of muga cocoon stifling processes on reeling performance and quality of muga raw silk
  18. Production of novel raw silk yarn by cocoon filament entanglement method during reeling
  19. Characterisation of silk sericin for cosmetic applications
  20. Biofinishing of tasar silk fabric using enzymes
  21. Development of easy care finish for wash and wear applications on silk fabrics
  22. Development of eri silk based nonwoven fabrics as facial masks for cosmetic applications
  23. Modification of eri spinning preparatory machines for productivity and quality
  24. Studies on silk carpets: Influence of structure on carpet properties
  25. Development of suitable cooking technology and characterization of raily cocoon
  26. Standardization of pre steaming techniques for improving the winding performance of raw silk skeins
  27. Development of diversified silk knit wear products / garments using International quality Indian silk
  28. Studies on improving the cohesion characteristics of Multibivoltine raw silk / Tasar silk / Muga silk using sericin in reeling process.
  29. Studies on sericin dissolution characteristics
  30. Characterisation & Evaluation of silk union (backed) Fabrics
  31. A study on the price behaviour of cocoons & raw Silk and its impact on the silk reeling sector
  32. Systematic purification of mulberry silk sericin for topical skin applications.
  33. Development of sericin based finish for textile materials  
  34. Studies on photo degradation of silk fabrics
  35. Electrospun silk fibroin nano-composite fibres for biomaterial applications
  36. Grading of Tasar Raw Silk Yarn – Development of Methods and procedure
  37. Development and characterization of silk and silk blended mélange yarns
  38. Reelability studies on muga cocoon pre-treatment methods
  39. Development of new type of yarn (void silk) in reeling and spinning processes and its characterization.
  40. Development of handloom silk sarees using spun silk produced from different types of silk wastes
  41. Studies on cocoon cooking using high temperature and high pressure technology & also using chemicals for achieving better reeling performance and quality silk particularly from unfavourable season cocoons
  42. Development of miniature eri spinning plant for better productivity and quality for adoption in North Eastern Region of India
  43. Studies on correlation between sericin solubility, reelability and stripping force of tasar cocoon
  44. Studies on improving the crease recovery of soft silk fabrics by fabric geometry
  45. Identification & quantification of different types of silk by chemical method
  46. Studies on reeling performance and quality characteristics of raw silk from male and female cocoons and its influence on fabric properties
  47. Techno-economics of automatic silk reeling
  48. Development of silk yarn finishes and study of its effect on performance and properties of loom finished silk fabrics
  49. Extraction of eri sericin and characterization
  50. Development of an apparatus to estimate the reelability of cocoons
  51. Studies on Tasar cocoon drying and cooking using CSTRI conveyor drier and pressurized cooking technology  (Collaboration with CTRTI, Ranchi)
  52. Development of woven and knitted products using silk and silk blended Melange yarns.
  53. Development of commercial model Bulky Raw Silk Reeling machine (Web silk reeling technology) for the production of bulky yarns and fabrics
  54. Development and characterization of wrinkle resistant and high drape soft silk fabrics
  55. Grading of Muga silk yarn – Development of method and procedures
    (Collaboration with CMERTI, Lahdoigarh)
  56. New methods of recycling of discarded silk materials / waste for sustainability.
  57. Influence of pre treatment for cocoon cooking and cocoon cooking condition on reeling performance and raw silk quality characteristics
  58. Development of Sericin/Polysachharide encapsulated fertiliser for crop management and growth (Collaboration with TERI & CSRTI)