Vanya Silk Reeling


  1. Title: Studies on correlation between sericin solubility, reelability and stripping force of tasar cocoon – CYR 7089

Scientists Involved:      

Dr.Kariyappa, Prakash N Bhat, Z.M.S. Khan, Subhas V. Naik and Ajit Kumar Sinha

Projected outcome:

  • Efficiency of all the cooking methods developed so for will be measured scientifically and new optimum cocoon cooking method (Technology) for maximum recovery of raw silk will be developed.
  • Quality of tasar raw silk due to better cookig method shall be improved.
  • Productivity per person will improve so that industry can become economically viable.
  • Using UV spectrometer reelability can be estimated based on Sericin solubility % instead of actual reeling method.
  • New cooking formulation wil be available with improved reelability.
  1. Title: Extraction of Eri Sericin and characterisation – CYF07001SI 

Scientists involved: 

Dr. M.A. Joseph,

Dr. Radha lakshmi, Sreenivasa  & J. Ramappa

Projected Outcome: 
To develop  suitable methodology for large scale isolation of Eri sericin from the degumming liquor (HTHP – Process) and its characterization for the various applications.

  1. Title: Studies on Tasar cocoon drying and cooking using  CSTRI conveyor drier and pressurized cooking technology- CFC07006MI 

Scientists involved: 

CSTRI, Bangalore = Dr.Kariyappa, Kiran.B.Malali, Sreenivasa, Ravikumar D

CTR&TI, Ranchi = Debasis Chattopadhyay

Projected Outcome: 
Standardized cooking and reeling process parameters. Technology for production of quality Tasar reeled silk and hence better quality fabric. Quality parameters of yarn produced from this conveyor dried cocoons.