Silk Wet Processing


  1. Title: Electrospun silk fibroin nano-composite fibres for biomaterial applications – CYF 7074

Scientists involved: 

Naveen V Padaki, Uday C Javali and Prakash Bhat (CSTRI, CSB, Bangalore, India)

Alessandra Sutti, Xungai Wang (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia) 

Projected outcome:

  • Development of nano-composite electrospun fibres using sericin-encapsulations and understanding its encapsulation stability and biodegradability characteristics.
  • Understanding of fibroin matrix and sericin reservoir system of encapsulation techniques on the release kinetics, and
  • Cytotoxicological properties of the developed silk nano-composite fibres.
  1. Title: Development of silk yarn finishes and study of its effect on performance and properties of loom finished silk fabrics – CFC 7091

Scientist Involved:      

Dr. Y.C. Radhalakshmi, Dr. M.A. Joseph, Sreenivasa,  Dr. Jameela Khtoon, and Dr. Brojeswari Das 

Projected Outcome: 
Loom finished fabrics have some disadvantages, hencechemicalfinishing treatment at yarn stage is proposed to be developed to address the said issues and also to impart desirable properties and versatility for the loom finished silk fabrics.