Silk Weaving


  1. Title: Development of handloom silk sarees using spun silk – CFW 7085

Scientist Involved:

K M A Kadhar, Uday C Javali,  C.R. Nagaraj, & Subhas V. Naik

Projected outcome:

Findings of the research will be popularised among the silk handloom weavers. The sarees developed would be launched with brand name through fashion show with the help of industry partner, who after its successful launch and brand creation  shall pay the royalty, as per the terms and conditions mutually agreed.


  1. Title: Studies on improving the crease recovery of soft silk fabrics by fabric geometry – CFC 7090

Scientist Involved:      

H.H.Shambhulingappa, Sangappa.N.Shillin,  Thimmareddy,G & K Jaganathan

Projected Outcome: 
By improving the crease recovery through the process of varying the fabric parameters and structure such varieties of silk fabric shall create a huge market potential.