Research & Development

  • Mulberry silk reeling
  • Ongoing Research Projects:

Project Code:      CYR 07012SI 

Title:                       Influence of pre treatment for cocoon cooking and cocoon cooking condition on reeling performance and raw silk quality characteristics

Duration:               Jun’19 to Sep’21

Budget:                  Rs.10.00 Lakhs   

Team:                    Dr.Subhas V Naik-PI,  Aswath Reddy & K.P. Shivakumar – CI


  • To study the influence of vacuum permeation treatment (in isolation) on reeling performance and quality characteristics.
  • To study the influence of conveyor cooking (without vacuum permeation treatment) on reeling performance and quality characteristics of raw silk.
  • To study the combined effect of vacuum permeation treatment and conveyor cooking treatment on reeling performance and quality characteristics of raw silk.
  • To conduct techno-economic analysis of the different treatments.
  • While conducting the above study, cocoon storage period also will be taken in to consideration as cocoon storage have influence on Reeling performance of cocoons

Project Code:      CFW 07020SI

Title:                      Studies on influence of raw silk denier on fabric properties and its Economics     

Duration:               Mar’21 to Aug’22

Budget:                  Rs.7.00 Lakhs

Team:                    Dr.Subhas V Naik, PI,  Aswatha Reddy, M.G.Mahesh  & Dr.Nivedita – CI


  • Production of 20/22, 26/28 and 40/44 denier raw silk and studying the productivity and raw silk quality characteristics.
  • Weaving of fabric with raw silk of 20/22 denier and its ply. 40/44 denier and its ply 26/28 and its ply in warp and weft (depending on the variety/structure of fabrics) in different combination and evaluating fabric properties
  • Exploring the possibility of developing new products from the coarse denier yarns for diversified usage/application.
  • Techno-economic analysis of reeling and weaving processes vis-à-vis properties of fabrics made out of different deniers.


Recently completed projects

Project Code:                     CYR07004SI

Title:                                      Techno Economics of Automatic Silk Reeling

Duration:                               Jul’18 to Jun’19

Budget:                                  Rs.6.00 lakhs

Team:                                    Dr.Subhas V Naik – PI, K.M A Kadhar, D.Ravikumar & K.N. Mahesh – CI


  • To study the investment requirements for establishment of ARM units
  • To study the production status of ARM units
  • To study the economics of automatic reeling unit
  • To estimate the working capital requirements
  • To document the constraints faced by ARM reelers
  • To study the impact of automatic silk reeling segment on sericulture (demand pull for cocoons – quality & quantity), quality improvement of raw silk & reduction in imports.



  • Automatic Reeling technology is Techno-economically highly viable and suitable for achieving better reeling performance and superior grade raw silk from Bivoltine cocoons under Indian conditions.
  • The adequate quantity of import substitute superior grade raw silk consistently can be produced from Automatic silk reeling units – which is the demand of the industry.
  • Automatic silk reeling units are providing very good market for Bivoltine cocoons which has resulted in more farmers taking up bivoltine sericulture and hence production of bivoltine cocoons   increasing year by year.
  • Automatic silk reeling filatures are serving the purpose of producing import substitute superior grade raw silk and weaving industry is using the silk effectively.
  • We should encourage installation of more number of Automatic silk reeling units so that more quantity of superior grade raw silk is produced and hence country can achieve self sufficiency and also plan for Export of raw silk.


Project code:        CYS 7086 

Title:                      Development of miniature eri spinning plant for better productivity & quality for adoption in NER

Duration:               Mar’17 to Feb’20

Budget:                  Rs. 91.00 Lakhs (Allocation), Rs.0.77 Lakhs – (Utilised)

Team:                    Aswatha Reddy-PI, Dr.Subhas V Naik, K M A kadhar & Dr.G.Hariraj – CI


  • To develop a Techno-economically viable Eri spinning plant for Medium scale Eri yarn spinners
  • To improve productivity/quality of Eri spun yarn
  • To produce Eri spun yarn for diversified applications
  • To transform Eri spinning activity from a low income, part time job, low productivity into high productive, higher remunerative, full time job for medium scale Eri spinners in the North Eastern Region of India


Project is very useful for setting up of   cost effective, sustainable Eri /Silk wastes Miniature spinning plant which in contrast to traditional techniques scores better in terms of quality and productivity. Mill spinning though produces better quality yarn, the investment cost is very high and most of the machines have to be imported. Moreover bulk of the Eri products are made from 30-60’s Nm spun yarn which is more economically can be spun in Miniature Eri spinning plant.


  • Vanya silk reeling
  • Ongoing Research Projects:


Project Code:      CFC 07006MI

Title:                      Studies on Tasar cocoon drying and cooking using  CSTRI conveyor drier and pressurized cooking technology

Collaboration with  CTR&TI, Ranchi

Duration:               Nov’18 – Oct’21

Budget:                  Rs.36.40 Lakhs

Team:                    Dr.Kariappa-PI,  Dr.Subhas V Naik, Sreenivasa & Ravikumar D – CI


  • To Standardise temperature and time profile for drying of Tasar cocoons in conveyor drying machine for achieving better raw silk recovery and quality silk.
  • To study the techno-economics of conveyor drying viz-a-viz present sun drying method.
  • To develop tasar cocoon cooking technology by using vacuum permeation pre-treatment and High temperature & High pressure method for achieving better reeling performance , productivity and quality tasar silk
  • To study the combined effect of certain chemicals and high temperature, High pressure method on tasar cocoon cooking
  • To study the quality characteristic of Tasar raw silk reeled from conveyor dried cocoons


Recently completed Projects:


Project Code:     CYR 7089           

Title:                      Studies on correlation between sericin solubility, reelability and stripping force of tasar cocoon (Collaboration with CTR&TI, Ranchi )

Duration:               Jun ’17 to May’19

Budget:                 Rs.5.5 Lakhs (Allocation) Rs.0.46 Lakhs (utilised)      

Team:                    Dr.Kariappa-PI, Prakash N Bhat-CI (CSTRI, Blr) & Z.M.S. Khan (CTR&TI Ranchi)-CI  


  • To study Sericin solubility characteristics of tasar Daba and Raily cocoons.
  • To study Reelability percentage of cocoons under different cooking conditions.
  • To study the stripping force of filament for different cooking methods.
  • To investigate the relationship between Sericin dissolution and reelability Percentage of tasar Daba and Rally cocoons.
  • New swelling agents will be explored to improve upon Sericin solubility percentage and reelability percentage of tasar cocoons to improve raw silk yield



Project Code:     CED 07005MI   

Title:                      Development of an apparatus to estimate the reelability of cocoons 

Duration:               Jul’18 to Apr’20

Budget:                  Rs.24.19 Lakhs

Team:                    Sangappa shillin – PI, Prakash Bhat & Hiremath – CI                


  • Study the chemistry behind the spectrophotometric analysis of cocoon reelability using sericine dissolution
  • Study the sericin dissolved water by Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU)
  • Development of an apparatus to estimate the reelability of the silkworm cocoons
  • Development of an sample preparation unit
  • Validation & optimization of apparatus and its output results



  • Mulberry – Silk Weaving
  • Ongoing Research Projects:


Project Code:      CFW 07014MI

Title:                      Development of 3D woven silk Fabrics and Their suitable applications

Collaboration with CMERTI, Lahdoigarh

Duration:               Jun’20 to May’22

Budget:                  Rs.21.96 Lakhs

Team:                    Shambulingappa-PI


  • Retrofitting of the existing 2D weaving loom suitably for producing industrial scale 3D woven fabrics
  • To develop 3D silk fabrics with orthogonal and multi-layer weave architectures
  • To characterise the developed 3D fabrics to assess their suitability fir luxurious executive wear and upholstery applications


Project Code:      BPC 07022MI

Title:                      Studies on the regeneration of silk filaments from silk  waste material and its application

Collaboration with  CSR&TI, Mysore

Duration:               Mar’21 to Feb’24

Budget:                  Rs.55.84 Lakhs

Team:                    K.Jaganathan – PI,  K.M.A. Abdul Kadhar- CI  & Scientists from CSR&TI Mysore


  • To study the dissolution properties of silk material in suitable chemical solutions
  • Development of protocol to dissolve silk waste/ cocoons and regeneration of silk
  • Development of prototype drawing unit for silk filament formation
  • Characterization of the silk filaments
  • Development of products from regenerated silk


Recently completed projects 

Project Code:      CFC 7090 

Title:                       Studies on improving the crease recovery of soft silk fabrics by fabric geometry

Duration:               Oct ’17 to Sep’19

Budget:                  Rs.13.44 lakhs (Allocation), Rs. 7.52 Lakhs (Utilised)

Team:                    Shambulingappa – PI, K. Jagannathan, Sangappa Shillin & Thimma Reddy – CI


  • To study the crease recovery of soft silk fabric produced in different fabric geometry.
  • To improve the crease recovery property of soft silk through the optimization of fabric geometry.
  • To study the correlation between the fabric properties including the Functional Properties and crease recovery property of developed fabrics.


  • The required amount of crease recovery can be achieved in the soft silk by varying fabric geometry.
  • Based on the studies conducted for optimization of soft silk fabric production with improved crease recovery parameters using Box-Behnken factorial design of experiment.
  • It was observed that 200 EPI & 90 PPI and with 70 weft denier has achieved maximum crease recovery (246 0) in the soft silk fabric as against the crease recovery of (1970) in the commercial samples tested earlier.
  • Optimized silk fabric was found to be better in terms of crease recovery, drape ability, air permeability, tensile strength, Sewability, total hand value, thermal insulation value, and wicking etc.
  • Hence, indicating that changing in geometry can leads to achieve better crease recovery in soft silk fabrics and also observed that the developed soft silk fabrics are suitable for women’s dress material as well as men’s wear (shirting) also.
  • It also observed that the total hand value of optimized fabric is satisfactory in respect of crease recovery.
  • It is also observed that 240 EPI & 85 PPI and with 70 weft denier soft silk fabric having better drape-ability.



Project Code:     CYR07003SI      

Title:                      Studies on reeling performance and quality characteristics of raw silk from male and female cocoons and its influence on fabric properties.

Duration:               Jul’18 to Jun’19

Budget:                  Rs.9.5 lakhs (Allocation, Rs.0.40 Lakhs (Utilised)       

Team:                    M.G.Mahesh – PI, Dr.Subhas V Naik & M.M. Shirol – CI


  • To study the reeling performance of the segregated male and female cocoons separately for Bi-voltine hybrids and multi-voltine hybrids.
  • To study the quality characteristics of raw silk produced from male and female Bi-voltine hybrids and multi-voltine hybrids cocoons separately.
  • To develop fabrics using the raw silk produced from male and female Bi-voltine hybrids and multi-voltine cocoons separately.
    • To development of a gadget to segregate the male and female cocoons based on weight of the cocoons will be taken up once the test results are found significant


  • The project clearly brought out the fact that male cocoons are significantly better than Female cocoons in terms of Raw silk yield and quality characteristics of raw silk.
  • Superior grade and high performing raw silk can be produced from the Male cocoons and can be used for special purposes.
  • To practically explore the advantages of Male cocoons it is very essential to develop a gadget for separation of Male/Female cocoons.
    • The expected outcome of the project will be production of superior quality yarn and fabric with better properties can be made available in the market for particular end use.



  • Vanya – Silk weaving – NIL
  • Dyeing & Wet Processing
  • Ongoing Research Projects:


Project Code:      CFW 07007SI      

Title:                       Development of woven and knitted products using silk and silk blended Melange yarns.

Duration:               Jun’19 to Dec’21

Budget:                  Rs.20.00 Lakhs

Team:                    Sreenivasa-PI, Naveen V Padaki – CI


  • To develop woven and knitted fabrics and products using silk and silk blended Melange yarns.
  • To develop quality assessment method for Melange yarn and fabrics, further evaluate the difference in Melange effect between yarn formed by regular fibre dyeing-spinning process and the fibre blended yarn dyed post spinning
  • To develop care instructions for silk Melange fabrics and apparels, as special effect introduced might affect the properties in yarn and fabrics
  • To evaluate the functional and aesthetic properties of the woven and knitted fabrics prepared with these melange yarns.
  • To work-out the techno-economics and popularize the silk and silk melange yarns, fabrics and products in prominent silk clusters.


Project Code:      CED 07013 MI

Title:                      Deve of Sericin/Polysachharide encapsulated fertiliser for crop management and growth

Collaboration with  TERI, Blr & CSRTI Mysore

Duration:               July’19 to Dec’21

Budget:                  23.12 Lakhs

Team:                    Sreenivasa – PI, Abhilasha – CI.


  • Development of sericin / polysaccharide encapsulating matrices for fertilizer
  • (a) Microwave assisted synthesis of (Starch/Sericin) grafted acrylic acid-co-acrylamide will be the encapsulating matrix.
  • (b) Microwave assisted synthesis of (Alginate/sericin) grafted acrylamide will also be an encapsulating matrix. Effect of adding montmorillonite will also be examined. (b)Both the above materials will be synthesized and characterized by FTIR and elemental analysis will be carried out by CHNO analy
  • Study the effect on plant growth by incorporating/mixing sericin along with fertilizers.


Project Code:      CYS 07018SI

Title:                      Development of different types of blended yarns and comfort characterization of the blended fabrics

Duration:               Dec’20 To Nov’22

Budget:                  Rs.15.46 Lakhs

Team:                    Dr.Brojeswari Das-PI,  Sreenivasa – CI.


  • To study the impact of blending on comfort properties of Eri silk/Linen and Tasar silk/Linen blended fabrics.
  • Optimization of the structural and blending parameters of Eri silk/Linen and Tasar silk/Linen blended fabrics for specific end uses.
  • Other possible combinations such as eri silk/cotton, eri silk/polyester/linen, tasar silk/polyester/linen, tasar silk/cotton and eri silk/modal/linen blended yarns / fabrics will developed for product development purpose.


Project Code:      CFC 07019SI

Title:                      Standardisation of process to improve Fastness properties of Dyed silk

Duration:               Dec’20 to Nov’22

Budget:                  Rs.9.15 Lakhs

Team:                    Abhilasha-PI, K.M.A. Kadhar, Dr Y. C. Radhalakshmi & M. M. Shirol – CI


  • To study the characteristics of predominant colours used in dyeing of different clusters of silk handloom industry
  • To improve fastness of those selected predominant colours by:
  • Alternative class of dyes (Reactive dye)
  • Dye fixing agents
  • To standardise the methodology to get improved fastness for the selected predominant colors
  • To take mass trials in the field to optimize and fine tuning of the procedure 


Project Code:      CFC 07021SI

Title:                      Deve of standard procedure for dyeing of raw (Kora) silk yarn

Duration:               Mar’21 to Jul’23

Budget:                  Rs.27.00 Lakhs

Team:                    Dr.Naveen V Padaki – PI, Sreenivasa, Mukul Sen Gupta & Dr.Sargunamani – CI


  • To study the present process and explore possibility of developing standardized preparatory processes for dyeing of mulberry raw (kora) silk yarn
  • To study the present process and explore possibility of developing standardized dyeing method and post-treatments for mulberry raw (kora) silk yarn
  • To study the performance of dyed kora silk products (present process and newly developed method) in terms of dye uptake, colour difference and fastness properties along with process economics.


Project Code:      BPC 07015CN

Title:                      Development of Mulberry sericin powder for nutraceutical applications

Collaboration with CFTRI, Mysore

Duration:               Oct’20 – Sep’22

Budget:                  Rs.43.30 Lakhs

Team:                    Abilasha-PI, Dr.Y.C.Radhalakshmi-CI.


  • To prepare low molecular weight purified sericin suitable for nutraceutical application
  • To study the physical and chemical characteristics of prepared sericin powders as per nutraceutical standards
  • To scale up the hydrolysis and purification process from lab scale to pilot scale
  • To develop certain nutraceutical products enriched with sericin, as per the industrial standards


DBT funded project

Project Code:      BPC 07017EF

Title:                      Developing novel applications from silk fibres and silk protein

Duration:               Sep’20 to Aug’23

Budget:                  Rs.37.55 Lakhs

Team:                    Dr.Naveen Padaki – PI, Abilasha – Co-PI & Dr.Subhas V Naik – Coordinator.


  • Developing antimicrobial and UV resistant silk fibres / yarns
  • Development of silk sericin based edible coating material


Recently completed Projects: 

Project Code:      CFC 7091

Title:                      Development of silk yarn finishes and study of its effect on performance and properties of loom finished silk fabrics           

Duration:               Oct’17 to Sep’20

Budget:                  Rs.18.00 Lakhs

Team:                    Dr.Y.C Radhalakshmi-PI, Sreenivasa & Dr.Brojeswari Das – CI             


  • To develop and optimize yarn finishes for loom finished silk fabrics
  • To study the effect of yarn finish on weaving performance of silk fabrics
  • To understand the effect of yarn finishing on silk fabric properties



Project Code:      CYF 07001SI

Title:                      Extraction of Eri Sericin and characterisation

Duration:               Jul’18  to Dec’20

Budget:                  Rs.18.00 Lakhs

Team:                    Dr.Y.C Radhalakshmi-PI, Sreenivasa, J.Ramappa & Abhilasha  – CI     


  • To standardize a suitable technology to recover sericin from pressurized degumming liquor using eri cocoon shell.
  • To characterize sericin of eri and mulberry and compare. 
  • Examining the suitability of eri sericin for various applications.




  • Ongoing Research Projects:

Project Code:      CFW 07009SI 

Title:                       Development and characterization of wrinkle resistant and high drape soft silk fabrics

Duration:               Jun’19 to Jun’21

Budget:                  Rs.11.50 Lakhs

Team:                    K M A Kadhar – PI, K.P. Shivakumar – CI


  • To standardize the concentration of chemical, temperature and duration of chemical treatment for soft silk fabrics to impart wrinkle resistant and high drape
  • To characterise the fabrics based on Kawabata analysis
  • To study the economics of the process
  • To develop variety of fabrics and study the consumer preference


Project Code:      CED 07008SI  

Title:                      Development of commercial model Bulky Raw Silk Reeling machine (Web silk reeling technology) for the production of bulky yarns and fabrics

Duration:               Jun’19 to Nov’21.

Budget:                  Rs.18.00 Lakhs

Team:                    K M A Kadhar – PI, M.R. Itagi – CI.


  • To develop a commercial model bulky raw silk production machine so that 1.5 Kg bulky silk produced per basin using slightly inferior quality cocoons
  • To study the working performance and economics of the developed commercial model bulky raw silk production machine
  • To develop fabrics using bulky raw silk production machine and study its performance and acceptability
  • To organize demonstration of technology and products to the stake holders


Project Code:      CYF  07016SI

Title:                      Development and validation of protocol for computerized zari testing

Duration:               Oct’20 to Mar’22

Budget:                  Rs.14.50 Lakhs

Team:                    K.M.A.Kadhar – PI, K.Raghu & M.M.Shirol                 – CI


  • To study the characteristics of commercial zari threads in terms of content and purity
  • To calibrate the XRF-ED zari testing machine with Data of Gravimetric analysis
  • To develop the protocol using statistical to to determine the zari content values & its validation
  • To recommend zari testing / grading standards to BIS


  • Ongoing Research Projects:

Project Code:      CYF  07010MI 

Title:                      Grading of Muga silk yarn – Development of method and procedures

Collaboration with CMERTI,Lahdoigarh

Duration:               Jun’19 to Nov’21

Budget:                  Rs.18.00 Lakhs

Team:                    Prakash N Bhat-PI, Ravikumar.D-CI


  • To study the required quality parameters of muga silk yarns for consideration of test method.
  • To develop standard test procedures for assessment of muga silk yarn quality.
  • To develop standard photographs for evaluation of defects (only for reference)
  • To develop suitable grading / classification norms for quality assessment.


Project Code:      CYF  07011SI    

Title:                      New methods of recycling of discarded silk materials / waste for sustainability   

Collaboration with CSR&TI, Mysore

Duration:               Jun’19 to Nov’21

Budget:                  Rs.18.00 Lakhs

Team:                    Dr.S.Nivedita-PI, Dr.Y.C.Radhalakshmi & Kiran B Malali – CI


  • To develop mill spun yarns from pre and post-consumer silk waste and characterize them.
  • To prepare other new products like silk waddings and silk powder from left over fibres and explore their applications.
  • To study compostability of remaining unusable silk waste and estimate nutrition value.


  • Recently completed Research Projects:

Project code:       CYF07002SI

Title:                      Identification & quantification of different types of silk by chemical  method

Duration:               Jul’18 to Dec’19

Budget:                  Rs.13.00 lakhs (Allocation), Rs. —-Lakhs (Utilised)

Team:                    Prakash  Bhat – PI, Dr. Brojeswari Das & Dr.M.A. Joseph – CI


  • To identify suitable chemicals and methods for identifying different  silk fibres / material.
  • To develop test procedures for assessment of blend proportions of different silk 
  • To Standardise procedures for identification and quantification of different silk variety.


  • The roject standardized the procedure for identifying and quantifying mulberry and non mulberry (vanya ) silk variety.  


With CI from the Institute (Collaborative projects with other CSB Institutes

Project Code:        BPS 01013 CN

Title:                      Utilisation and diversification of silkworm pupae products for human & animal consumption and composting

Multi disciplinary Collaborative project

Duration:               Sep’20 to Aug’22

Budget:                  Rs.13.80 Lakh

Team:                    Kiran Malali- Co P I, CI – Dr.Y.C. Radhalakshmi & M.R.Itagi.


Project Code:        AIB 02009 MI

Title:                       Authorization Trials of silkworm hybrid, 12Y x BFC1 in Eastern and North Eastern states

Duration:               Aug’20 to Jul’22

Budget: –               –

CI                           Aswath Reddy


Project Code:        CFC 05017MI

Title:                      Exploration and adoption of novel solvent based muga cocoon cooking technology for increasing its reelability and silk quality

Duration:               Mar’21 to Feb’23

Budget: –               –

CI :                         Dr.Rajeev Munshi