Director’s Message

During the period Jan – Jun 2014, the scientists and staff of CSTRI have risen to the  challenges of the industry and come out with technologies which shall bring a paradigm shift in the field. In particular the development of hot air drier and pupae separating machine will bring in major change in the way the pupae  is handled and also addresses   the environmental  issue.  Further,  process  protocol  of degumming of silk hank under pressurised conditions has   been   developed   and   technology   filed   for patenting.  These   technologies   have   been   well accepted in the field. This was brought to fruition in such a short period of one year. Apart from this, technologies like application of enzymes in tasar fabric  finish and tasar cocoon cooking have been initiated.

The fruits of R &D are taken to the field through the CDP programme and in this period, CSTRI & its sub units  have  implemented  221  schemes  across  the country. CSTRI &  its  sub units have been in the forefront   in   implementing   the   CSB’s   flagship programme   i.e.,   Integrated   Skill   Development Scheme (ISDS). During the period, 62 no. of different types of programmes were conducted and 1250 no. of persons were trained in enhancing their skill.

As we are in the middle of the XII five year plan period, I  take the opportunity to urge the fellow scientists to raise to the task of achieving the various targets under XII plan and thereby serving the large cause of the silk industry.

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