Silk Weaving-Ongoing Research Projects

Silk Weaving


Ongoing Research Projects


Characterisation & evaluation of silk union (backed) fabrics 

Scientists involved:

Jameela Khatoon, K. Jaganathan, &  Subhas V. Naik 

Projected Outcome:

  • The information generated from this project will provide guidelines for the fabric manufacturers in the efficient production of silk union (backed) fabrics for specific end use optimally.
  • The outcome will be silk fabrics with better comfort and garment related properties as compared to conventional silk fabrics.

2. Title:

Development of handloom silk sarees using spun silk 

Scientists involved:

K.M. A Kadhar, Uday C. Javali, C.R. Nagaraj & Subhas V. Naik 

Projected Outcome:

  • Usage of spun silk as warp or weft in silk handloom sector would be intensified
  • New varieties of silk sarees with different comfort properties would be developed 



Studies on improving the crease recovery of soft silk fabrics by fabric geometry 

Scientists involved:

H.H.Shambhulingappa, K.Jaganathan, Sangappa N. Shillin, Thimma Reddy G & Subhas V. Naik 

Projected Outcome:

At present, silk is mainly used to manufacture silk sarees and ethnic wear whereas the garments made of cotton and polyester fabrics are used as casuals, semi-formals and formals. Usage of silk fabrics for apparels is limited because of its poor crease recovery property. From the interaction with industry, it was learnt that, when the crease recovery is improved through the process of varying the fabric parameters & structure such varieties of silk fabric shall create a huge market potential. Innovative fabric geometry will be developed to improve the crease recovery property. Soft silk fabrics with optimised geometry will be available for the industry to make silk products with improved crease resistance/recovery property.


  1. Studies on the evaluation of fabrics produced on Hand loom, Power loom & Rapier loom by using indigenous MV, BV & Imported silk
  2. Development of silk fabrics for unconventional applications such as maternity, postpartum belts
  3. Development of silk dental floss