PYD-Ongoing Research Projects

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Ongoing Research Projects

1. Title: Characterisation   of   silk   sericin   for cosmetic applications
Scientists involved: M.A. Joseph, S.A. Hippargi, Subhas V Naik and M.K. Ghosh
Projected Outcome:
The expected outcome would be the development of suitable methodology for large scale isolation of sericin from the degumming liquor (HTHP – Process) and its characterization for the cosmetic applications.


2. Title: Biofinishing of tasar silk fabric using enzymes

Scientists involved: Brojeswari Das, K. Jaganathan, Naveen V Padaki and Sreenivasa

Projected Outcome:

In spite of the natural attractive colour and unique rustic appearance; the harsh feel at touch and the poor dimensional stability restricts the use of tasar silk. Biofinishing of tasar silk with enzymes can create a dent in this segment. It would also help to maintain the eco tag of the natural tasar, which can draw the attention of the niche market with the concern consumer and in turn tasar silk could have potential penetration into everyday apparel segment.

 3. Title: Development of easy care finish for wash and wear applications on silk fabrics

Scientists involved: Jaganathan K, Naveen V Padaki and Brojeswari Das

Projected Outcome:

At present, silk fabrics are mainly used for sarees and ethnic wears. While apparels for day to day use such as casuals, semi-formals and formals mainly use cotton and polyester based garments. Silk has been loosing this market segment due to its low easy care properties. Enhanced easy care behaviour of silk can create a dent in this segment and in turn silk can have potential penetration into everyday use apparel segment.

4. Title: Development of sericin based nano finish for textile materials

Scientists involved: Brojeswari Das, MA. Joseph, Subas V. Naik, Rangam Rajkhowa, Xungai Wang (Deakin University, Australia)

Projected Outcome:

  • Development of nano finish based on sericin for cotton, polyester and silk fabrics.
  • Antimicrobial, flame retardant, UV resistant and high absorbing textile products with the developed sericin based nano-finish.

5. Title: Studies on photo degradation of silk fabrics 

Scientists involved: S.A. Hiparagi, K.Jaganathan, G. Thimma Reddy, Lu Sun, Rangam Rajkhowa, Xungai Wang (Deakin University, Australia) and Keith Millington (CSIRO, Australia) 

Projected Outcome:

  • Photo degradation characteristics (database) of different silk fabrics
  • Scientific understanding of UV degradation behaviour with respect to chemical and physical changes in silk fabrics
  • Appropriate finishing treatment to improve UV resistance of silk fabrics and,
  • Blue print for Engineering suitable silk fabric/ product with better UPF can be made available.

6. Title: Characterisation & Evaluation of Silk Union (Backed) fabrics

Scientists involved: Jameela Khatoon, K. Jaganathan, M.K. Ghosh and Subhas V. Naik

Projected Outcome:

  • The information generated from this project will provide guidelines for the fabric manufacturers in the efficient production of silk union (backed) fabrics for specific end use optimally.
  • The outcome will be silk fabrics with better comfort and garment related properties as compared to conventional silk fabrics.

7. Title: Development of diversified silk knit wear products / garments using International quality Indian silk

Scientists involved: K. Jaganathan,  Jameela Khatoon , S.A.Hippargi, Shivakumar K.P , P3D and NIFT TEA 

Projected Outcome:

  • A variety of Silk Knitwear products/ garments developed using high quality  mulberry Bivoltine silk to cater to the requirements of both domestic and international market.
  • Development of high value Silk knitted products will provide better value realisation to the manufacturers and bring in  price stability to the reelers of quality raw silk and in the process ensuring demand for raw silk.
  • Growth in the Knitting Industry of Tirupur which will create more job opportunities and thereby contribute to the economic growth of the country.

8. Title: Development and characterisation of silk and silk blended melange yarns 

Scientists involved: Sreenivasa, Prakash N. Bhat, Jameela Khatoon, S. A. Hipparagi and Brojeswari Das

Projected Outcome:

  • Optimized process parameters for manufacturing silk and silk blended mélange yarns.
  • Varieties of silk and silk blended melange yarns.
  • Data base of the structural, strength, functional properties of varieties of silk and silk blended mélange yarns.

Exploratory Studies

  • Development of hook selection electronic mechanism for handloom
  • Design & development of pressurised eri cocoon  degumming machine
  • Development of low cost, environment friendly silk dyeing technology
  • Development of Actuator Handloom
  • Development of multi twist-for-one twistig machine (MFO)
  • Studies on the evaluation of fabrics produced on Handloom, Pwer loom & Rapier loom by using indigenous MV, BV and Imported silk
  • Studies on mechanical finishing on silk printed fabrics
  • Development of eco friendly sericin fixation technology for loom finished mulberry raw silk fabrics produced in India