Silk Weaving-Recently Completed Projects

Silk Weaving

Recently Completed Project

1. Title: 

Study of comfort properties of silk woven fabrics and modification of the same with plasma treatment 

Scientists involved: 

Jameela Khatoon, M.K. Ghosh, K. Jaganathan, M.A. Joseph & M.K. Ghosh (CSTRI, Bengaluru); Shital Palaskar (BTRA, Mumbai) 

Two varieties of silk woven fabrics were developed with two different weaves and varied structural parameters and were evaluated with respect to the comfort properties and it was observed that the changes in structural parameters can improve the comfort properties of these fabrics and some varieties can be ideally suitable for both winter and summer applications and also cater to the requirements of both mens shirtings and ladies blouses. These fabrics were subjected to Plasma treatment and it was observed the comfort properties are influenced by the treatment but the difference is non-significant.


2. Title: 

Studies on comfort properties of eri silk and wool blended fabric for winter wear applications 

Scientists involved:

Brojeswari Das, Naveen V Padaki & K. Jaganathan 

Along with the 100 % eri and wool fabric, three different eri-wool blended yarn fabrics were prepared. The blending was done at draw frame. Blended fabrics were subjected for the testing of physical properties, thermo-physiological and aesthetic comfort properties. Based on the test result the blend proportion has been optimized for the development winter wear clothing. 


3. Title:

 Studies on the abrasion resistance of silk upholstery fabrics 

Scientists involved: 

K. Jaganathan, Brojeswari Das, M.A. Joseph & Naveen V. Padaki 


Silk upholstery fabric with high abrasion resistance has been developed. Database of fabric parameters and properties of the commercially available upholstery fabrics has been created. Industry can use standardized constructional parameters of fabrics and finishes for developing silk upholstery fabrics to achieve international standard abrasion resistance for export purpose. 


4. Title:

Development of easy care finish for wash and wear applications on silk fabrics 

Scientists involved: 

Jaganathan K, Naveen V. Padaki, Brojeswari Das & Subhas V. Naik 


Easy care finish for wash and wear applications for soft silk fabrics has been developed. Various combinations of finishing treatment using chemicals / resins have been optimised. This will enable development of silk garments with easy care finish.


5. Title: 

Development of diversified silk knit wear products / garments using International quality Indian silk 

Scientists involved: 

K. Jaganathan , K.M A. Kadhar, S.A.Hippargi, Jameela Khatoon, K.P. Shivakumar & Subhas.V. Naik (CSTRI, Bengaluru);  Ravikumar, Shankar Kotrannavar & Dinakar Bhat (CSB, Bengaluru); C. B. Sentil Kumar (NIFT-TEA, Tirupur) 


New product line made of diversified silk knitwear products / garments using the high quality Indian mulberry bivoltine silk as raw material has been created for the niche market. Different varieties of fabrics like single jersey, rib, pique of different GSM were produced and garments were made out of them. These silk knitted fabrics were produced in coordination with identified silk knitwear exporters of Tirupur.  Necessary backward linkages consisting of silk reelers, twisters, dyers and cone winders have been identified for catering to the requirements of the silk knitters.

This project will enable creation of new product line of silk knits for value addition and in turn create new market avenues for reelers. Further the innovative work will enhance the capability of cotton knitters for the development of silk knitwear.