VSRD-Recently Completed Projects

Vanya Silk Reeling


Recently Completed Project

1. Title: Design and development of silk based composite biomaterials for wound dressing applications
Scientists involved: Naveen Padaki, Uday C Javali, Brojeshwari Das, M.K. Ghosh and Sabareeswaran A
Projected outcome: 

In-vitro evaluation of control silk fabrics and developed biocomposie samples are evaluated for biocompatibility properties. In-vivo mice implant studies for wound healing and biodegradation studies would be taken-up as subsequent project after obtaining cytotoxicity reports and ethical committee clearances.

2. Title: Study on evaluation of cocoon stifling process on cocoon storage, reeling performance and quality of muga raw silk
Scientists involved: S.N. Mishra, Naveen Padaki, Ashwath Reddy and Ravi Kumar
Projected outcome: 
Optimum muga cocoon stifling and storage parameters have been achieved.