VSRD-Recently Completed Projects

Vanya Silk Reeling


Recently Completed Project

1. Title: 

Study on evaluation of cocoon stifling process on cocoon storage, reeling performance and quality of muga raw silk

Scientists involved: 

S.N. Mishra, Naveen Padaki, Aswatha Reddy & D. Ravi Kumar

Optimum muga cocoon stifling and storage achieved. The standardized cocoon drying procedure will result in uniform cooking of cocoons and hence better reeling performance and raw silk quality. Stakeholders can use this technology and achieve significantly better results. Technology is being propogated by  installing more number of driers in the field.


2. Title: 

Modification of eri spinning preparatory machines for productivity and quality 

Scientists involved: 

Aswatha Reddy, K.P.Shivakumar & Subhas V. Naik 


The design of opening machine required for eri cocoon opening cum lap forming machine has been conceived. Fabrication of the eri cocoon opening cum lap forming machine has been completed. This machine would help in improvement in productivity and quality of eri spun yarn significantly. 


3. Title:

Studies on silk carpets: Influence of structure on carpet properties 

Scientists involved: 

Kiran B. Malali, Naveen V.  Padaki, Jagannath Sardar & Subhas V. Naik (CSTRI, Bangalore); Sanat Pal &  K. K.  Goswami (IICT, Bhadoi) 


Mulberry, vanya and eri spun silk yarns were procured through NHDC, dyed with acid colours in different colour shades and carpet samples using three different  hand knot structures were prepared. These samples were tested for various carpet parameters at IICT, Bhadohi and recommendations have been made on the suitability of type of knot structure for particular applications.

Industry showed positive response to carpets produced from mulberry and vanya spun silks, particularly eri spun silk. The developed carpet samples will be displayed in important silk carpet clusters to popularize the use of spun silk yarn. The outcome will help in product development and diversification (for domestic and export markets).


4. Title:

Development of suitable cooking technology and characterization of raily cocoon 

Scientists involved: 

Uday C. Javali, Kiran B. Malali, Naveen V. Padaki & Subhas V. Naik 


Cooking process of raily tasar cocoons for both dry and wet reeling has been optimised. Reeling parameters of the same have been standardised. Vis-à-vis silk yarn characteristics. Reeling performance of the improved cooking technology is significantly better than the conventional cooking method.

This cooking technology will help in uniform cooking of cocoon layers, requires lesser cooking time, improves reelability and silk recovery  and reduced silk waste (deflossing and reeling) and suitable for wet reeling process (sunken system). The technology will help to consume raily cocoons for reeling, instead of spinning which is being practiced presently.