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Vanya Silk Reeling

Ongoing Research Projects

1. Title:

Reelability studies on muga cocoon pre-treatment methods  

Scientists involved: 

Soni Vijaykumar Ramdas, A.K. Pal & Subhas V. Naik 

Projected outcome: 

  • Muga Cocoon pre-treatment method needs to be developed using different chemicals, without chemicals, applying vacuum through permeation, pressurized cooking, using different parameters like time – temperature – duration etc. to get yarn production in it’s natural colour, having better physical properties like strength, cohesion, luster, etc., & most important i.e. enhancement in silk recovery.
  • Enhancement in recovery will help to minimize the gaps between demand – supply, to some extent controlling price of the yarn, increase income of farmer – reeler – weaver & traders