VSRD-Ongoing Research Projects

Vanya Silk Reeling

Ongoing Research Projects

1. Title: Modification of eri spinning preparatory machines for productivity and quality

Scientists involved: Aswatha Reddy and K.P.Shivakumar

Projected outcome:  Most suitable spinning system for production of eri yarn in cottage sector will be made available.

2. Title: Development of eri silk based nonwoven fabrics as facial masks for cosmetic applications

Scientists involved: Naveen V Padaki, Gaurav Agarwal and Uday C Javali

Projected outcome:

  • Silk nonwoven fabric manufactured by wet laid or needle-punch process through use of Eri (Ahimsa) silk.
  • Database of physical and mechanical properties of the developed eri silk nonwoven fabrics.
  • Development of sericin based formulation to apply on the eri silk nonwoven fabric for facial mask applications and properties of the prepared facial masks.
  • Facial masks developed with eri silk no-woven fabric and sericin formulation with established cosmetic
  • application properties.

3. Title: Studies on silk carpets: Influence of structure on carpet properties

Scientists involved: Kiran B Malali, Naveen V Padaki, K.K. Goswami and Sanat Kumar Pal

Projected outcome: 

  • Silk carpets developed using eri, mulberry and tasar spun silk yarns with different structures.
  • Physical, mechanical and functional properties of the developed silk carpets established, and
  • Understanding of structure and its influence on the different carpet properties established.

4. Title: Development of suitable cooking technology and characterization of raily cocoon

Scientists involved: Uday C Javali, Kiran B. Malali and Naveen V Padaki

Projected outcome: 

This study would help to design a suitable cooking machine and technology which helps tasar industry to use “Raily” cocoons for production of superior grade reeled yarn.

5. Title: Studies on electrospun silk fibroin nanocomposite fibres for biomaterial applications 

Scientists involved: Naveen V Padaki, Uday C Javali and Prakash Bhat (CSTRI, CSB, Bangalore, India), Alessandra Sutti, Xungai Wang (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia) 

Projected outcome: 

  • Development of nano-composite electrospun fibres using sericin-encapsulations and understanding its encapsulation stability and biodegradability characteristics.
  • Understanding of fibroin matrix and sericin reservoir system of encapsulation techniques on the release kinetics, and
  • Cytotoxicological properties of the developed silk nano-composite fibres.

6. Title: Reelability studies on muga cocoon pre-treatment methods 

Scientists involved: Soni Vijaykumar Ramdas and Ravikumar D

Projected outcome: 

  • Muga Cocoon pre-treatment method needs to be developed using different chemicals, without chemicals, applying vacuum through permeation, pressurized cooking, using different parameters like time – temperature – duration etc. to get yarn production in it’s natural colour, having better physical properties like strength, cohesion, luster, etc., & most important i.e. enhancement in silk recovery.
  • Enhancement in recovery will help to minimize the gaps between demand – supply, to some extent controlling price of the yarn, increase income of farmer – reeler – weaver & traders. 

Exploratory Studies

  • Studies on use of conveyor drying machine for tasar cocoon
  • Development of tasar cocoon counting equipment
  • Development of rotor spun silk yarn using eri