MSRD-Recently Completed Projects



Recently Completed Project

1. Title: 

Design and development of automatic silk reeling machine for Indian filatures for production of International / superior  grade raw silk from multi-bivoltine and bivoltine hybrid cocoons. 

Scientists involved: 

Subhas V. Naik, G. Hariraj, B. M. Mahadevaiah, J. Ramappa & M.K. Ghosh  

Fabrication of Automatic silk reeling machine as per the CSTRI design and Technical specifications is completed successfully. The trial reeling on the developed automatic silk reeling machine is under progress using bivoltine hybrid cocoons and Multivoltine cocoons. Reeling process parameters are being standardised.  Popularisation in the field is under progress.

2. Title:

Production of novel raw silk yarn by cocoon filament entanglement method during reeling 

Scientists involved: 

G. Hariraj, Subhas V. Naik & B. M. Mahadevaiah 


The machine has been fabricated. Trails have been conducted and novel yarn has been produced and characterised. Standardisation of process parameters of the production of novel silk yarn has being completed.


3. Title: 

Standardization of pre steaming techniques for improving the winding performance of raw silk skeins 

Scientists involved: 

G. Hariraj, Sangappa N. Shillin & J. Ramappa 


Pre steaming techniques for winding performance of bivoltine and multivoltine raw silk have been standardised. Saturated steam having  60°C temperature inside the vessel with 15 to 20 minutes duration was found to be optimum pre steaming condition for bivoltine raw silk and 60°C temperature with 10 to 12 minutes duration was found to be optimum condition for pre steaming multibivoltine raw silk.

Pre steamed bivoltine silk shown significant improvement in winding performance and elongation characteristics as compared to silk wound without pre steaming. SEM analysis showed that pre-steamed silk has significantly better surface characteristics. This technology will help in improving the winding performance of raw silk, hence improve quality, productivity and economics.