MSRD-Ongoing Research Projects



Ongoing Research Projects

1. Title: Studies on improving the cohesion characteristics of Multibivoltine raw silk / Tasar silk / Muga silk using sericin in reeling process


Scientists involved: Subhas V. Naik, M. A, Joseph, S. A. Hippargi, U. C. Javali and G. Hariraj

Projected outcome:
Study will result in production Multibivoltine raw silk, Tasar and Muga silk with significantly better cohesion characteristics so that these yarns can be effectively used as a warp in a production of different kind of fabrics.

2. Title: Standardization of pre steaming techniques for improving the winding performance of raw silk skeins

Scientists involved: G. Hariraj, Sangappa N. Shillin and J. Ramappa

Projected outcome:

  • This project will help in standardization of pre steaming techniques in relation to the type of raw silk, temperature and duration of steaming and the surface modification of silk fibre on the winding performance of raw silk.
  • It will help the reelers to get better revenue for their raw silk since the winding performance of the raw silk will be improved significantly.


3. Title: Studies on sericin dissolution characteristics

Scientists involved: B. M. Mahadevaiah, Kariappa, G. Hariraj and J. Ramappa

Projected outcome:

  • The correlation between sericin dissolution characteristics and reelability of cocoons will be established.
  • This study will be able to provide information to the reelers regarding appropriate cooking conditions to be adopted, while processing the cocoons during favourable and unfavorable seasons.
  • It will also help in estimating the reelability of the cocoons based on the sericin dissolution characteristics.



4. Title: A study on the price behaviour of cocoons and raw silk and its impact on the silk reeling sector


Scientists involved: C.R. Nagaraj, K.N. Mahesh and Subhas V. Naik

Projected outcome:

  • The outcome of the project would help in better understanding of various issues involved in the price fluctuations of cocoons and raw silk.
  • The findings would be useful in suggesting ways to the reeling units in minimising the adverse impact of these fluctuations on their operations and profitability.
  • The outcome would help in preparation of market intelligence reports for the silk reeling sector.
  • The findings of the study would also help the agencies involved in better understanding of the issues on policy related matters for the overall development of the silk reeling sector.


Exploratory Studies


  1. Studies on fluorescence characteristics of Multibivoltine and Bivoltine cocoons and its effect of reeling performance, quality of raw silk
  2. Chemical treatment on raw silk / fabric to impart bulkiness
  3. Development of slug catcher as a replacement to porcelain buttons