TTL-Ongoing Research Projects


Ongoing Research Projects

1. Title: Grading of Tasar Raw Silk Yarn:  Development of Methods and procedure

Scientists involved: Prakash N Bhat, Kiran B Malali, Naveen V Padaki, Gautam Mitra, Jayanta Ghose, Raghu K, N. S. Gahlot & Z.M.S. Khan 

Projected Outcome:

  • Method of testing and grading for tasar raw silk.
  • Standard photographs for evaluation of Evenness variation, Neatness and Cleanness.
  • It would bring fair trade practices among tasar raw silk traders/weavers and reelers.
  • It would help reelers for improvement in tasar raw silk quality and helps weavers to produce quality fabric.

Exploratory Studies

  • Identification and quantification of different variety of silk