Silk Wet Processing-Ongoing Research Projects

Silk Wet Processing

Ongoing Research Projects

1. Title:

Studies on photo degradation of silk fabrics  

Scientists involved: 

S.A. Hiparagi, K.Jaganathan, G. Thimma Reddy & Subhas V. Naik (CSTRI, Bengaluru);  Lu Sun, Rangam Rajkhowa & Xungai Wang (Deakin University, Australia); Keith Millington (CSIRO, Australia)  

Projected Outcome:

  • Photo degradation characteristics (database) of different silk fabrics
  • Scientific understanding of UV degradation behaviour with respect to chemical and physical changes in silk fabrics
  • Appropriate finishing treatment to improve UV resistance of silk fabrics and,
  • Blue print for Engineering suitable silk fabric/ product with better UPF can be made available.

2. Title:

Studies on electrospun silk fibroin nanocomposite fibres for biomaterial applications  

Scientists involved: 

Naveen V. Padaki, Uday C. Javali, Prakash N. Bhat & Subhas V. Naik (CSTRI, Bengaluru); Alessandra Sutti, Xungai Wang (Deakin University, Australia)  

Projected outcome: 

  • Development of nano-composite electrospun fibres using sericin-encapsulations and understanding its encapsulation stability and biodegradability characteristics.
  • Understanding of fibroin matrix and sericin reservoir system of encapsulation techniques on the release kinetics, and
  • Cytotoxicological properties of the developed silk nano-composite fibres.

3. Title:

Development and characterisation of silk and silk blended melange yarns  

Scientists involved:

Sreenivasa, Prakash N. Bhat, Jameela Khatoon, S. A. Hipparagi, Brojeswari Das & Subhas V. Naik 

Projected Outcome:

  • Optimized process parameters for manufacturing silk and silk blended mélange yarns.
  • Varieties of silk and silk blended melange yarns.
  • Data base of the structural, strength, functional properties of varieties of silk and silk blended mélange yarns.


4. Title:

Development of silk yarn finishes and study of its effect on performance & properties of loom finished silk fabrics 

Scientists involved: 

Y.C. Radhalakshmi, M.A. Joseph, Sreenivasa, Jameela Khatoon & Brojeswari Das 

Projected Outcome:

Loom finished silk fabrics are the thriving share holders in domestic Indian silk market which constitutes approximately 70% of silk consumed in India. Loom finished silk fabrics have some disadvantages, hence chemical finishing treatment at yarn stage is proposed to be developed  to address the said issues and also to impart desirable properties and versatility for the loom finished silk fabrics.


  1. Design and development of eco-degumming machine for eri shells