Silk Wet Processing-Recently Completed Projects

Silk Wet Processing

Recently Completed Projects

1. Title: 

Design and development of silk based composite biomaterials for wound dressing applications

Scientists involved: 

Naveen Padaki, Uday C Javali, Brojeshwari Das, M.K. Ghosh & Sabareeswaran A


In-vitro evaluation of control silk fabrics and developed biocomposie samples are evaluated for biocompatibility properties at SCTISMT, Trivandrum. In-vivo mice implant studies for wound healing and biodegradation studies would be taken-up as subsequent project after obtaining cytotoxicity reports and ethical committee clearances. New set of tailorable and biodegradable wound dressing materials using silk based composite materials available for niche medical textile industry. 


2. Title:

Development of eri silk based nonwoven fabrics as facial masks for cosmetic applications 

Scientists involved: 

Naveen V.  Padaki, Uday C. Javali & Subhas V. Naik (CSTRI, Bengaluru);  Gaurav Agarwal (L’Oreal, Mumbai) 

Projected outcome:

Development of sericin based formulation to apply on the eri silk nonwoven fabric for facial mask applications has been carried-out and transparency behaviour, absorbency and hydration efficiency properties of the prepared non-woven samples have been successfully evaluated. Excellent transparency rate (less than 25 seconds), very good water absorbency time (less than 20 seconds) and extra-ordinary water absorbency capacity (more than 800%) illustrate that eri silk nonwoven samples possess ideal properties to be used as face masks. 

The technology developed would be popularized through interaction with cosmetic industry which would open a chapter for application of eri silk in non-textile sectors.