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Recently Completed Projects

1. Title: Investigation on causes for poor dimensional stability of tasar fabrics and remedial measures

Scientists involved: G. Thimma Reddy, H.H. Shambulingappa and Arindam Basu

(i) It was concluded that shrinkage was mainly due to imbalance in use of warp (very thin) and weft (very thick) denier and non uniform yarn in weaving (ii) Proper selection of construction particulars such as ends and picks / inch, twist will decrease the shrinkage of tasar fabrics (iii) Steamed yarn shrinkage is 8-9%, hence use of steamed yarn in weaving process may partly decrease the shrinkage % of tasar fabrics (iv) BTCA treatment was found to reduce the shrinkage to almost zero after 2nd  wash. Further, it significantly improved crease recovery angle and tearing strength of tasar fabrics. There was no effect on tensile properties.